Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Auditory Displays (ICAD 2012), Atlanta, 2012, edited by Nees M. A., Walker B. N. and Freeman J., ICAD(2012)
Full proceedings pdf


Alexander R. L., Modhrain S., Gilbert J. A., Zurbuchen T. H. (2012). Recognition of Audified Data in Untrained Listeners. pdf

Andre C. R., Embrecht J., Verly J. G., Rebillat M., Katz B. F. G. (2012). Sound for 3D Cinema and the Sense of Presence. pdf

Ash K. (2012). Affective States: Analysis and Sonification of Twitter Music Trends. pdf

Banf M., Blanz V. (2012). A Modular Computer Vision Sonification Model for the Visually Impaired. pdf

Bethancourt M. (2012). The Sounds of the Discussion of Music. pdf

Boyd J. E., Godbout A. (2012). Multi-dimensional Synchronization for Rhythmic Sonification. pdf

Brock D., McClimens B, Camille Peres S. (2012). Evaluating Listeners Attention to and Comprehension of Serialy Interleaved, Rate Accelerated Speech. pdf

Bruckner H., Wielage M., Blume H. (2012). Intuitive and Interactive Movement Sonification on a RISC/DSP Platform. pdf

Choi H. (2012). An Alternate Implementation of VBAP with Graphical Interface for Sound Motion Design. pdf

Drouvmeva M., McGregor I. (2012). Everyday Listening to Auditory Displays: Lessons from Acoustic Technology. pdf

Gonzalez C., Lewis B. A., Baldwin C. L. (2012). Revisiting Pulse Rate, Frequency and Perceived Urgency: Have relationships changed and why?. pdf

Gossmann J. (2012). A Perspective on the Limited Potential for Simultaneity in Auditory Display. pdf

Hermann T., Ungerechts B., Toussaint H., Grote M. (2012). Sonification of Pressure changes in Swimming for Analysis and Optimization. pdf

Hermann T., Nehls A. V., Eitel F., Barri T., Gammel M. (2012). Tweetscapes - Real Time Sonification of Twitter data streams for Radio Broadcasting. pdf

Hoferlin B., Hoferlin M., Goloubets B., Heidemann G., Weiskopf D. (2012). Auditory Support for Situation Awareness in Video Surveillance. pdf

McGee R., Dickinson J., Legrady G. (2012). Voice of Sisyphus: An Image Sonification Multimedia Installation. pdf

McLachlan R., McGee-Lennon M., Brewster S.(2012). The Sound of Musicons: Investigating the Design of Musically Drived Audio Cues. pdf

Metatla O., Bryan-Kinns N., Stockman T., Martin F. (2012). Cross-Modal Collaborative Interaction between Visually-Impaired and Sighted Users in the Workplace. pdf

Nguyen V. X. (2012). CircoSonic: A Sonification of Circos, A Circular Graph of Table Data. pdf

Oswald D. (2012). Non-Speech Audio Semiotics a Review and Revision of Auditory Icon and Earcon Theory. pdf

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Schaffert N., Mattes K. (2012). Acoustic Feedback Training in Adaptive Rowing. pdf

Schedel M., Yager K. G. (2012). Hearing Nano-Structures: A Case Study in Timbral Sonification. pdf

Schmele T., Gomez I. (2012). Exploring 3D Audio for Brain Sonification. pdf

Schmitz G., Effenberg A. O. (2012). Perceptual Effects of Auditory Information About Own and Other Movements. pdf

Supper A. (2012). "Trained Ears" and "Correlation Coefficients": A Social Science Perspective on Sonification. pdf

Terasawa H., Parvizi J., Chafe C. (2012). Sonifying ECOG Seizure Data with Overtone Mapping: A Strategy for Creating Auditory Gestalt from Correlated Multichannel Data. pdf

Vigani A.(2012). Sonic Window #1 [2011] - A Real Time Sonification. pdf

Vogt K., Goudarzi V., Holdrich R. (2012). Chirping Stars. pdf


Ericson M. A., Vella M. N. (2012). Demonstration on an Outdoor Audio Shooting Gallery. pdf

Bonebright T. L. (2012). Were those Coconuts or Horse Hoofs? Visual Context Effects on Identification and Perceived Veracity of Everyday Sounds. pdf

Nees M. A. (2012). Correlation and Scatterplots; A Comparison of Auditory and Visual Modes of Learning and Testing. pdf

Sanz P. R., Pena J. M. S., Mezcua B. R. (2012). Sonification as a Social Right Implementation. pdf

Brent W. (2012). Physical Navigation of Virtual Timbre Spaces with Timbreid and DiLib. pdf

Nambiar A., Jacobson J. (2012). Spatialized Audio for Mixed Reality Theater: The Egyptian Oracle. pdf

Pirro D., Wankhammer A., Schwingenschuh P., Sontacchi A., Holdrich R. (2012). Acoustic Interface for Tremor Analysis. pdf

Fan Y., Weber R. (2012). Capturing Audience Experience via Mobile Biometrics. pdf

Winton R., Gable T. M., Schuett J., Walker B. N. (2012). A Sonification of Kepler Space Telescope Star Data. pdf

Wersenyi G. (2012). Evaluation of MATLAB based Virtual Audio Simulator with HRTF-Synthesis and Headphone Equalization. pdf

Extended Abstracts

Giller C. A., Murro A. M., Park Y., Strickland S., Smith J. R. (2012). EEG Sonification for Epilepsy Surgery: A Clinical Work-in-Progress. pdf

Winters R. M., Wanderley M. M. (2012). New Directions for Sonification of Expressive Movement in Music. pdf

Vogt K., Goudarzi V., Holdrich R. (2012). SYSSON - A Systematic Procedure to Develop Sonifications. pdf

Bearman N., Brown E. (2012). Who's Sonifying data and how are they doing it? A comparison of icad and other Venues since 2009. pdf

Sanz P. R., Pena J. M. S., Mezcua B. R. (2012). A Sonification Proposal for Safe Travels of Blind People. pdf

Giot R., Courbe Y. (2012). InteNtion - Interactive Network Sonification. pdf

Beyls P. (2012). Interfacing the Earth. pdf

Gillard J., Schutz M. (2012). Improving the Efficacy of Auditory Alarms in Medical Devices by Exploring the Effect of Amplitude Envelope on Learning and Retention. pdf

Grohn M., Ahonen L., Huotilainen M. (2012). Effects of Pleasant and Unpleasant Auditory Mood Induction on the Performance and in Brain Activity in Cognitive Tasks. pdf

Bretan M., Weinberg G., Freeman J. (2012). Sonification for the Art Installation Drawn Together. pdf

Jeon M., Winton R. J., Yim J., Bruce C. M., Walker B. N. (2012). Aquarium Fugue: Interactive Sonification for Children and Visually Impaired Audience in Informal Learning Environments. pdf

Hildebrandt T., Kriglstein S., Rinderle-Ma S. (2012). Beyond Visualization: On Using Sonification Methods to make Business Processes more Accessible to Users. pdf

Aiken C., Peng Z., Simpson D., Michael A., Kilb D., Enescu B., Shelly D. (2012). Shaking up Earth Science: Visual and Auditory Representations of Earth Quake Interactions. pdf

Keynote Speakers

Elizabeth Mynatt

- Georgia Institute of Technology

Mynatt is the Executive Director at the Institute for People and Technology and a Professor in the College of Computing. She is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of ubiquitous computing and assistive technologies. Her research contributes to ongoing work in personal health informatics, computer-supported collaborative work and human-computer interface design. She has published more than 100 scientific papers and chaired the CHI 2010 conference, the premier international conference in human-computer interaction. Her research is supported by multiple grants from NSF including a five-year NSF CAREER award. Other honorary awards include being named the Top Woman Innovator in Technology by Atlanta Woman magazine in 2005 and the 2003 College of Computing’s Dean’s Award. Read more

Jonathan Berger

- Stanford University

Jonathan Berger is a composer and researcher who explores effective ways of using sound to convey information. Berger is the Billie Bennett Achilles Professor in Performance, the William R. and Gretchen B. Kimball University Fellow in Undergraduate Education, Co-Director of the Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts (SiCa), and Co-Director of Stanford’s Art Initiative. He is also affiliated with the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), where he teaches composition and music theory and cognition. He is a composer and researcher, with over 60 publications in a wide range of fields relating to music, science and technology. Research includes studies in music cognition, snal processing and statistical methods for automatic music recognition, classification and transcription, sonification and audio restoration.