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ICAD ABBA July 2020 Sessions

ICAD is hosting the second set of ABBA (Auditory Brown Bag At home) virtual talks Thursday, July 9th, and we’re excited to announce the presenters and topics.

Session A at 10 AM Eastern Time (US)

Session Chaired by: Thomas Hermann

Designing Participatory Musical Interaction and Performance

Visda Goudarzi
Columbia College Chicago

Participatory artworks aim at creating an experience that is open to interpretation. I argue that such interpretations should not be just entirely predetermined by the creators’ expectations; rather, they should vary among audience members. I also argue that audience members that experienced the artwork could act as co-designers for the successive iterations of the artwork and broaden the creative process. In this talk, I discuss investigating these arguments with an exploratory approach aimed at transforming creative practices, by reflecting on case studies of interactive audio interfaces. Audience engagement, designers’ feedback, and reflections of expert audience members are the focus.

Introduction to pya – An audio library for Python

Jiajun Yang and Thomas Herman
Bielefeld University

We develop pya with the mind to simplify the process of editing, processing, playing and analysing audio signals in Python. pya can be used for creating application audio, editing multichannel audios, signal processing and analysis, feature extraction, and with Python being a popular language for handling data, pya naturally lends itself toward auditory display and sonification. In this talk, we will focus on the key concepts and core classes and functionalities. We will demonstrate a few examples of using pya in the context of sonification design.

Session B at 10 PM Eastern Time (US)

Session Chaired by: Myounghoon Jeon (Philart)

Female Voice Agents in Fully Autonomous Vehicles Are Not Only More Likeable and Comfortable, But Also More Competent

Jiayuan Dong
Virginia Tech Mind Music Machine Lab

Driving agents can provide an effective solution to improve drivers’ trust in and to manage interactions with autonomous vehicles. Research has focused on voice-agents, while few have explored robot-agents or the comparison between the two. The present study tested two variables – agent embodiment and voice gender, using conversational scripts. Twenty participants experienced autonomous driving using the simulator for four agent conditions and filled out subjective questionnaires for their perception of each agent. Results showed that the participants perceived the voice only female agent as more likeable, more comfortable, and more competent than other conditions. Their final preference ranking favored this agent over the others. The results are discussed with the traditional gender stereotype, uncanny valley, and participants’ gender. This study can contribute to the design of in-vehicle agents in the autonomous vehicles and future studies are planned to further identify the underlying mechanisms of user perception on different agents.

Here’s How to Attend

To attend, you will need to register for each event via the links at:

Session 2A on Thursday, July 9th at 10 AM Eastern Time (US)
Session 2B on Thursday, July 9th at 10 PM Eastern Time (US)

Before the meeting, registered attendees will receive a Zoom link via email. The registration is just to help us plan for the discussion and also to prevent Zoom bombing by unauthorized non-ICADers.

Interested in Presenting?

We have upcoming sessions planned for August 13 (10 AM and 10 PM EST). Currently all the slots have been filled. Thank you for your interest, again!!


If you have any questions about the July 9 session, you can contact Thomas Hermann (chair of the 10AM EST session), Myounghoon Jeon (Philart) (chair of the 10PM EST session), or any member of the ICAD board (

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the ABBA sessions!

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