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ICAD ABBA August 2020 Sessions

ICAD is hosting the third set of ABBA (Auditory Brown Bag At home) virtual talks Thursday, August 13th, and we’re excited to announce the presenters and topics.

Session A at 10 AM Eastern Time (US)

A designerly way of doing sonification: towards design-driven guidelines

Sara Lenzi
Density Design Lab
Politecnico di Milano

In several occasions during the past years, the community of auditory display has interrogated on the need of widening the boundaries of sonification practices to take into account the role of aesthetics, user experience and more in general, to increase the potential of sonification to transition from a niche approach to scientific analysis to a medium of communication. At the same time designers, and in particular those active in the visualisation of data, are starting to integrate sound into the representation of data sets in order to widen their tools in the never ending effort of translating complexity in a data-intese society. Can design as a discipline provide the structured approach sonification needs to become a standard tool in the everyday representation of data? How does a design-driven approach differentiate from the use of sonification in data art or the process of using sound in scientific analysis?

Audio Augmented Reality via Gestural Ambisonics

Sam Bilbow
Dept. Media Film & Music
University of Sussex
Funded by Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarship Programme

In this talk, I will outline the origin and existing definitions of augmented reality (AR), as well as highlighting the move in broader HCI research towards multi-sensory displays of information by examining existing examples of multi-sensory applications. It is found that shift is no different in the research area of AR.
The uses of, and need to consider, AR as a medium to create expressive computational art will be discussed. Through the development of the ‘area~’ system, I call attention to the ability of non-visual AR displays (here, audio augmented reality) to provide new aesthetic experiences of real/virtual environments, namely through playful interaction methods such as head and hand gesture, and the use of bone conduction headphones.
I will outline the research study method I’m using during the lockdown to iterate on my design, and the preliminary results and ensuing theoretical discussion that has occurred since use of the system started.

Session B at 10 PM Eastern Time (US)

Tactile Audibility

Rosa Park
San Francisco State University

This presentation will discuss the idea of “Tactile Audibility” examining how sound can be perceived through the sense of touch. By converting sound information such as waves into a haptic modality through bone conduction transducers, the audience is able to perceive sound as a way to see and touch. The key points my presentation will share are the research and experiments that have been carried out to investigate effective haptic interfaces, materials, objects, and a variety of aural medium. The material research results in the demonstration of a multi-sensory system in which continuous vibration can become audible to the audience, which will be also presented in the talk.

Teaching NIME methodologies to designers and engineers

Carolina Pino
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

More than 8 years teaching NIME to designers and engineers with some or no background in electronics using an in house methodology called ACP

Here’s How to Attend

To attend, you will need to register for each event via the links at:

Session 3A on Thursday, August 13th at 10 AM Eastern Time (US)
Session 3B on Thursday, August 13th at 10 PM Eastern Time (US)

Before the meeting, registered attendees will receive a Zoom link via email. The registration is just to help us plan for the discussion and also to prevent Zoom bombing by unauthorized non-ICADers.

Interested in Presenting?

While we currently do not have additional ABBA events planned, please reach out to anyone  on the ICAD board if you have feedback on these sessions or if you would be interested in participating in the future.


If you have any questions about the August 13th session, you can contact Areti Andreopoulou (chair of the August 13, 10am EST session) and Mike Winters (chair of the August 13, 10pm EST session) or any member of the ICAD board (

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the ABBA sessions!

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