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About ICAD

ICAD is a forum for presenting research on the use of sound to display data, monitor systems, and provide enhanced user interfaces for computers and virtual reality systems. It is unique in its singular focus on auditory displays and the array of perception, technology, and application areas that this encompasses. Research areas covered by ICAD include:

  • Auditory exploration of data via sonification (data controlled sound) and audification (audible playback of data samples)
  • Real-time monitoring of multivariate data
  • Sound in Immersive Interfaces (Virtual Environments) and Teleoperation
  • Perceptual issues in Auditory Display
  • Sound in computer interfaces
  • Technologies supporting Auditory Display creation
  • Data handling for Auditory Display systems
  • Applications of Auditory Display
  • Auditory User Interfaces and Auditory Alarms/Warnings

Included within each of these areas of inquiry are many issues concerning application, theory, hardware/software, and human factors. Integration with speech-audio implementations, with graphical display techniques and their concomitant perception issues also pose significant challenges in each area.

Papers presented at ICAD are freely available via the Georgia Tech SMARTech repository (link opens in a new window).
For examples of auditory displays, please visit the Examples of Auditory Displays page.

The ICAD Bylaws can be found here: