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Community Spotlight: Visda Goudarzi

Previous ICAD Board Member


So, who are you? 



I am a music technologist trying to push the boundaries of technology and sonic arts towards more participatory and collaborative auditory systems. I studied Computer Science at Vienna University of Technology. Following this, I earned a second Masters degree in Music Technology at Stanford University, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) followed by Ph.D. in Sound and Music Computing from Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM). I am currently a tenure-track faculty member at the Audio Arts and Acoustics Department at Columbia College Chicago. My research interests focus on using participatory design and new technology in interactive music systems and creative algorithms from computer science (especially HCI) for real-time performance of live electronic music e.g., live coding.

How did you end up working on Sonification and Auditory Displays?

As I was working on my first Masters in Computer Science, I got interested in incorporating my music skills into a creative application. I started with implementing a gesture-based instrument sonifying hand gestures to sonic parameters. That was my first exposure to sonification which motivated me to continue my studies in the field of Music Technology. Later on, my Ph.D. was totally focused on systematic sonification of scientific data.

What is the role of Sonification/Auditory Display in your research?

I continuously work on building auditory interfaces that transform data to sound. Whether it’s scientific data from a variety of disciplines or real-time data in an interactive music instrument.

What is the most challenging part in your work?

I work in a liberal arts institution, so I don’t have graduate students or a large group of researchers to work with. This has been a challenge for working on interdisciplinary projects that require larger groups of scientists, designers, engineers, and artists to work together. On the other hand, this has given me the opportunity to inspire and mentor my students and collaborate with researchers from around the globe.

Anything special ICADders should know about you?

I am always working on new interdisciplinary projects that lie at the intersection of art and science. I consider myself a technologist and a sound artist. If you feel similar and you have sound and systematic ideas in mind, please reach out.
And I can’t wait to be back to in person ICADs and have jam sessions again. I used to play piano since childhood but now I mostly play laptop.

What would you like to say to ICADders? 

ICAD has been the most welcoming research community that I have had the privilege to be part of. I found the most inspiring mentors and met many friends and collaborators through ICAD. It’s a community open to all stages of research and you find like-minded people who are dedicated to advancing this amazing interdisciplinary field.

What is your favorite sonificaton/auditory display ever? 

In my opinion, most auditory display projects are work in progress (including the ones I have been working on). We need more critical thinking and iterating so many projects that are left unfinished in the field. That’s the only way our field can come to the fore, outside of our community.

Any way to learn more about your work or reach out to you?

You are very welcome to reach out to me at my email address: More about me here:

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