Paper Sessions

Paper sessions will be held in the Cybertorium of the IST Building.


Tuesday, June 20

3:00 - 4:35: Paper Session 1 - Language
Thomas Gable, Brianna Tomlinson, Stanley Cantrell and Bruce Walker Spindex and Spearcons in Mandarin: Auditory Menu Enhancements Successful in a Tonal Language
Michael Nees, Joanna Harris and Peri Leong How do people think they remember melodies and timbres? Phenomenological reports of memory for nonverbal sounds
Areti Andreopoulou and Visda Goudarzi Reflections on the Representation of Women in the International Conferences on Auditory Displays (ICAD)
Daniel Verona and Camille Peres A Comparison Between the Efficacy of Task-Based vs. Data-Based sEMG Sonification Designs
Stephen Taylor From Program Music to Sonification: Representation and the Evolution of Music and Language

Wednesday, June 21

9:00 - 10:20: Paper Session 2 - Movement
Joseph Newbold, Nicolas Gold and Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze Musical Expectancy in Squat Sonification for People who Struggle with Physical Activity
Jon Bellona, Luke Dahl, Amy LaViers, Lin Bai Empirically Informed Sound Synthesis Application for Enhancing the Perception of Expressive Robotic Movement
Jason Sterkenburg, Steven Landry and Myounghoon Jeon Influences of Visual and Auditory Displays on Aimed Movements Using Air Gesture Controls
Juliana Cherston and Joseph A. Paradiso Rotator: Flexible Distribution of Data Across Sensory Channels
1:00 - 2:20 Paper Session 3 - Navigation & Noise
Joseph Schlesinger, Brittany Sweyer, Alyna Pradhan and Elizabeth Reynolds Frequency-Selective Silencing Device for Digital Filtering of Audible Medical Alarm Sounds to Enhance ICU Patient Recovery
Ruta Sardesai, Thomas Gable and Bruce Walker Introducing Multimodal Sliding Index: Qualitative Feedback and Perceived Workload for Auditory Enhanced Menu Navigation Method
Woodbury Shortridge, Thomas Gable, Brittany Noah and Bruce Walker Auditory and Head-Up Displays for Eco-Driving Interfaces
Kees van den Doel and Michael Robinson Use of sonification of RADAR data for noise control

Thursday, June 22

9:00 - 10:20 - Paper Session 4: Ecology
Josh Laughner, Elliot Canfield-Dafilou Illustrating trends in nitrogen oxides across the United States using sonification
Brianna Tomlinson, R. Michael Winters, Chris Latina, Smruthi Bhat, Milap Rane and Bruce Walker Solar System Sonification: Exploring Earth and Its Neighbors through Sound
Kelly Fox, Jeremy Stewart and Rob Hamilton MADBPM: Musical and Auditory Display for Biological Predictive Modeling
Arthur Paté, Benjamin Holtzman, John Paisley, Felix Waldhauser and Douglas Repetto Pattern Analysis in Seismic Data Using Human and Machine Listening
11:00 - 12:00 - Paper Session 5: Games
James Broderick, Jim Duggan and Sam Redfern Using Auditory Display Techniques to Enhance Decision Making and Perceive Changing Environmental Data within a 3D Virtual Game Environment
Adrian Jäger and Aristotelis Hadjakos Navigation in an audio-only first person adventure game
Laurie Heller, Arley Schenker, Pulkit Grover, Madeline Gardner and Felix Liu Evaluating two ways to train sensitivity to echoes to improve echolocation
1:30 - 2:50 - Paper Session 6: Philosophy/Aesthetics
Takahiko Tsuchiya and Jason Freeman Spectral Parameter Encoding: Towards a Framework for Functional-Aesthetic Sonification
Parisa Alirezaee, Roger Girgis, Taeyong Kim, Joseph Schlesinger and Jeremy Cooperstock Did you feel that? Developing Novel Multimodal Alarms for High Consequence Clinical Environments
Steven Landry and Myounghoon Jeon Participatory Design Research Methodologies: A Case Study in Dancer Sonification

Friday, June 23

9:30 - 10:45 - Paper Session 7: Computing
David Worrall Computational Designing for Auditory Displays
Jiajun Yang and Thomas Hermann Parallel Computing of Particle Trajectory Sonification to Enable Real-Time Interactivity
Samuel Chabot and Jonas Braasch An Immersive Virtual Environment for Congruent Audio-Visual Spatialized Data Sonifications
11:00 - 12:00 - Open Mic/Closing