ICAD Do-A-Thon

For people not already involved with sonifications in some way, there are few opportunities to engage with the topic. With this ICAD Do-A-Thon, we want to explore ways to increase the visibility and viability of sonification on the web, e.g. by:

  • making sonifications available under open licenses and in open formats, so that they can be reused in non-specialist contexts like Wikipedia pages;
  • creating sonifications specifically for Wikipedia and its sister projects;
  • making the source code for sonifications available in programming environments that can be readily explored by people outside the field, e.g. containerized Jupyter notebooks on the basis of open data.

We invite our community to participate in this activity. The kick-off event will be June 21st at ICAD 2017 at Penn State, but we will make it easy for anyone around the world to engage, and hope that researchers will continue to share their data, code, and sonifications more broadly based on the models we develop.

If you are contributing to Wikipedia, please use the below link to register for this event on Wikipedia. By registering, we get a report of everything which everyone did today on Wikipedia.

  1. Create Wikipedia account
  2. Go to this link
  3. Sign in with Wikipedia, join event, confirm