ICAD Board

Executive members
David Worrall President, Columbia College Chicago, USA
Derek Brock Treasurer, Naval Research Laboratory, USA
Areti Andreopoulou Secretary, University of Athens, Greece
Emeritus members
Gregory Kramer Founder, Clarity and Metta Foundation, USA
Matti Gröhn Professional Cooperative Polkuverkosto, Finland
Elected members
Brian Katz LIMSI-CNRS, France
Marc St. Pierre Simon Fraser University, Canada (student representative)
Paul Vickers Northumbria University, United Kingdom
Ex-officio members
Mark Ballora The Pennsylvania State University, USA (2017 Conference Chair)
Visda Goudarzi Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, Austria
S. Camille Peres Texas A&M University, USA
Hiroko Terasawa University of Tsukuba, Japan


The Past Presidents of ICAD are:

Tony Stockman 2011 - 2016
Bruce Walker 2006 - 2011
Matti Gröhn 2003 - 2006
Eric Somers 2000 - 2003
Jim Ballas 1997 - 2000
Gregory Kramer 1992 - 1997